The International Institute of Knowledge Management takes the great pleasure to announce that the 4th World  conference on Supply Chain Management 2018 will be held on 11th  and 12th October, Hanoi, Vietnam under the theme “ Reaching Excellence in the Supply Chains of the Future ”.

Academicians, researchers, industry experts, policy makers, professionals and enthusiastic attendees are invited to send research original research abstracts, case studies formatted according to the given format.



Papers are invited on all components and functions of supply chain management such as: Planning, Modeling, Forecasting, Sourcing, Procurement, Supplier Relationships Management, Inventory Management, Risk Management, Warehousing, Distribution, Marketing, Customer Relationships Management, Performance Management, Financing, Decision Making, Human Factors, «Greening» Supply Chains, Supply Chain Quality, Digitization, Big Data & Data Analytics, Supply Chain Education, Gender issues, Governance and Regulation, Societal issues, Ethics and Social Responsibility, Supply Chain Intelligence, etc.



  • Track 1: E-Commerce and Retail Supply Chains
  • Track 2: Food, Agricultural and Agribusiness Supply Chains
  • Track 3: Disaster and Emergency Supply Chains
  • Track 4: Medical, Hospital and Pharmaceutical Supply Chains
  • Track 5: Tourism / Hospitality Supply Chains

* Papers in any other supply chain industry will be considered if of high quality.

We particularly welcome papers that relate to the two following Topics:


  • Topic 1: Academic Perspective Lessons learnt from a backward look

Innovative and new research results

Researches on challenges and trends

From Research to Industrial Applications


  • Topic 2: Field (Industrial, Business, Societal) Perspective

Implementation Cases

Innovative Ideas/trials

Technological Solutions/Developments

Bridging with the academic/research world