Full paper Guidelines

Once you have received the abstract acceptance notification you can submit the full paper to publication@tiikm.com before 18th March 2017.

Download the above full paper template and follow the given guidelines in the format. Full papers that do not follow this format will be rejected.

The full paper must be submitted in a MS word document in doc format and not in PDF or .docx formats.

The full papers will undergo a double blind peer reviewing process. Prior to that you are required to register effectively to the conference and confirm the participation by 31st March 2017.

If the paper is requested for revision by the authors, the papers will be sent back to them with reviewer comments. The revised paper is required to be sent within a week and before the 28th April 2017.

If you have any technical issue or require further assistance in submitting your full paper, please contact Ms Udayanagani Premarathna at udayangani@tiikm.com .

Journal Publication Guidelines

If you wish to submit your manuscript in our supporting journal please follow the supporting journal’s submission process and the template guidelines. For more information, please visit the website here.