• WCOSM 2015

    World Conference on Supply Chain Management

  • Sri Lanka

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  • WCOSM 2015

    World Conference on Supply Chain Management

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Welcome to WCOSM 2015 – Colobmo, Sri Lanka.

TIIKM’s 1st Annual World Conference on Supply Chain Management 2015 (WCOSM-2015) with a theme of “Supply Chain Management Issues in Redefining Marketing” will be held during 17-18 February 2015 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

World Conference on Supply Chain Management will inspire you with rich content and expert insights from some of the best marketing minds under the theme of ‘Redefining Marketing’. Designing and maintaining a healthy supply chain bring competitive advantages as in the current era the competition is not among the individual companies but among the supply networks.As a sub-conference of the main conference, this conference addresses supply chain management issues/ practices that contribute for redefining the marketing during the current era which embedded with crises and economic recovery. The research in this conference should explore, in particular, in which way Supply Chain Management for products and services may tackle economic, environmental and social performances objectives while keeping businesses financially sound.

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Conference Tracks

1. Global Operations and Strategic Sourcing
2. New paradigm of logistic management
3. Managing inter-firm relationships in supply chains
4. Managing the operations interface within organizations
5. Supply chain management issues
6. Measuring supply network performance
7. Supply network design and structures

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Publication of Papers

Conference proceedings

All accepted abstract and full papers (for those who register for the conference) will be published in the refereed conference proceedings with ISSN will be published electronically after the conference. You have the option for including either abstract only or full paper in the proceedings.

Journal publications

Papers presented (oral presentations, virtual presentations and poster presentations) in the conference being considered for possible publications in supporting journals.

International Journal of Learning and Intellectual Capital

ISSN online: 1479-4861
ISSN print: 1479-4853
International Journal of Asian Business and Information Management (IJABIM)

ISSN: 1947-9638
EISSN: 1947-9646
International Journal of Marketing and Social Policy

ISSN: 2362-1044


Prof. Maria David Brás, Portugal.
” very well organized conference. Enjoyed the environment of the conference and hospitality of the organizing committee. Most of the papers are well constructed and came up with good findings. Helped me to meet researchers from different countries.. ”

Prof. Romeo Clemente, Philippines.
” I thank to your staff for their remarkable accommodation. It always an excellent story to share to my fellow Filipino friends, teachers and students. Again, my heartfelt thanks to all of you in the TIIKM. I hope to meet you personally again in the succeeding conferences where ever it shall be held.. ”

Prof. Gary E. Swanson, University of Northern Colorado, USA.
” Thank you again for your wonderful hospitality and the terrific conference you organized and successfully completed. I was very impressed with your work and hope to establish a professional relationship with you for many years to come.. ”

Prof. Rudenko Dmitry, Russia.
” I recommend such conferences because people are very good and polite and I like it..”

Dr. David Ermen, Switzerland.
” Overall , a very interesting Conference ,Well done! ”

Dr. Cherukuri Sreenivasa Rao, India.
” The Organizers did a great job during last three months and they made all the arrangements perfectly. It gives a great opportunity for all the researchers who are working on this area.Organizers are extremely good and planned in such a way.. ”

Rubina Husain, Bangladesh.
” Well Conducted ,Very good work ,Very nice team. Would recommend conference for everyone in future. ”

Dr. M. Thilakavathy, India.
” Very well organized ,I would like to attend the future conference .Well done. ”
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